About Us

Eggplants and heritage tomatoes 
grown out in our home garden.
In business since 2006, Trout Lily provides certified organic seedlings to markets, stores and garden centres in Guelph, Toronto and the surrounding areas. We specialize in a wide range of herb, tomato, pepper, eggplant and other vegetable seedlings, including many heirloom varieties. For a full listing of the seedlings available, please consult our 2018 catalogue. The plants are primarily available for sale in May and June of each year.

Brandywine Tomato Seedlings

Trout Lily focuses on providing healthy seedlings adapted to the local environment. Having found commercial organic soil mixes to be lacking, we make our own compost and use it as the base for our own specialized growing media. This involves attention to quality and provides the nutrition required for robust, disease-free seedlings. 

We consistently receive positive feedback about the quality of our plants. We think this is because they are grown in a living media and are not pampered - so when they get to your garden they already know what to do...

(photo credit - Laura Berman, GreenFuse Photos)
Dark Opal Basil
Cucumber Seedlings
Watermelon Seedlings